Tsunamis: The Evaluation A tsunami also known as a tidal wave is a series of sea waves caused by an underwater earthquake, landslide, or volcanic eruption. Sometimes tsunamis can even be caused by a giant meteor having impact with the ocean. These powerful waves can cause damage and devastation, can ruin lives and even take them away. Here are some arguments for tsunamis. Tsunamis may be destructive and kill people but surfers don’t care about that, they just care about the waves and say the perfect ones come with tsunamis. Since a tsunami doesn’t really affect them and surfing makes them happy the tsunamis make them happy as well. So in this way tsunamis are good. Now here are some arguments against tsunamis. Tsunamis are bad because they kill people. They change lives for the worst. Tsunamis come out of nowhere and within a moment’s notice there is a damaged city and putting this on a larger scale, a whole country could be destroyed. After a tsunami there are dead people and damaged dreams, people lose everything. In my opinion tsunamis look very cool but are dangerous things and should never be messed with. In conclusion a tsunami is a giant tidal wave that can destroy homes and humans. Also it can take down countries and give surfers the time of their life.

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