Should zoos be banned?

By: Amanda Wells
July 10 2005

Everybody seems to think fox hunting is cruel at the moment, but how many of them actively support a much more horrific form of animal abuse.
It might not sound like it, but I am talking about zoos.
Animals living in European zoos die young and live in bad conditions. The creatures only live half as long as they should do when they are kept in captivity. The RSPCA are shocked at the study and now want zoos to give up their animals. They also want them to treat the ones they have better by giving them more space, better diets and a healthy environment.
The main problems zoo animals have include:
  • Bad diets
  • Not enough space
  • Inadequate social groups
  • Illness 20070524_animal_testing50905352_18.jpg
  • Bad breeding programmes
  • Rough treatment by keepers
Animals in Zoos can be beaten, and treated appallingly. One such example took place when an African elephant was transferred from the San Diego Zoo to the San Diego Wild Animal Park; her old caretakers reported seeing her chained to the ground, and beaten on the head with axe handles for two days. Some of the blows were described as "home run swings." Also, another Zookeeper in San Francisco was quoted as saying of Elephants, "You have to motivate them and the way you do that is by beating the hell out of them." This happened in San Diego, and San Francisco, of America.
I believe that zoos use animals for their own need. 1 out of 10 people care about their pet and 1 out of 50 zoos care about the animals the way they should.
Bad zoos use cement cages and don't let animals stand on their own feet. This causes them to be unable to fend for themselves. This problem is mostly seen in places like Ethiopia. to bears.
Another mistake many zoos make is separating and isolating pack animals. They are called pack animals for a reason. When separated from their pride, pack, pod, flock or herd many animals will die. And in many zoos, not only do they isolate them but, put them in cages with concrete floors, and bars. How would you feel to suddenly be taken from your home where you ran free with your family and put in a cage with a cold, hard floor to be stared at by people day in and day out. Most only looking for less than 30 seconds before making some derogatory remark and walking off. This fact has been proved in a study, which was conducted in America. Most people don't care about the animals; they are just looking for another way to entertain them. We have brains for a reason, learn how to use it.

Aside from being a place of captivity it is also a place where children can see the animal wonders of nature, and learn all about them. Many zoos have captive breeding programs in order to replenish the populations of endangered species. The spotted leopard, the lynx, and the panda are all examples of animal that are kept in zoos, under programs that aim to preserve, protect, and study the species.

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