In this report I will be talking about why people think smoking should and should not be allowed in public places. I will be also taking a survey from the class and see what they think about smoking in public places. After that I will say what I think. Finally i write up my conclusion.

Arguments for the Issue
People say that smoking should be banned in public places because they say that other non smokers can easily get cancer just from inhaling the smoke from other people who smoke. Also other people say smoker’s, litter which does not help the environment at all. A few more issues for the argument are that hospitals are mainly used by cancer patients but if those cancer patients never smoked the hospitals can be used for people who are just generally ill. The final argument is that smokers are not setting a good example to little children therefore when they grow older they would think smoking is cool which will keep going round in a cycle and will just kill more and more people.

Arguments against the Issue
Some people say that smoking should be allowed in public places because they say it is a free country and smoking is legal so it is up to the smoker if he smokes. They are so mean because people also say that it is not their fault if other non smokers inhale the smoke and are then diagnosed with cancer. 80% of the UK think smoking should be banned in public places and 20% think otherwise. Those 20% protest for smoking in public places nearly evey month scince last year.

This what people say:

Why don't they ban it altogether? All it results in is illness and it costs so much. My friend's uncle

gave up smoking and he worked out that he was saving thousands of pounds a year! I hate the

smell of cigarette smoke and people are so inconsiderate when they just stand in the street

smoking. And think of all those who live with smokers who die from cancer.

My Opinion
Well i think smoking should be banned because i put it this way. If you are a non smoker you are basically going to get killed when you go out, because when people inhale the smoke from smokers they can easily get cancer and die. IT SHOULD BE BANNED!!!!

Generally people think smoking should be banned and there are a few that think otherwise. People have told me they want smoking to be banned and not be banned. At the end of the they i cant argue with your opinion. Now it is all up to the decision in Parliament.

Class Opinion Graph

inesh.JPGThe questions were:

1) Do you think smoking should be allowed in public places?

2) Have you been influenced to smoke?

3) Do you no anyone who smokes?

4)Have you seen people litter cigarettes?

5) Do you think smoking is cool ?