A drug is a substance that is used in many things. Some drugs are legal and most are illegal. Good drugs help you when you're ill such as: paracetamol, tablets, medicine etc.

Arguments For Drugs:

Here are the good things about drugs:

Drugs are used as medications. It can prolong life of a person. When there is a chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, heart attack etc.,

Arguments Against Drugs:

Here are the bad things about drugs:

Drugs can have side effects like dizziness,vomiting and other organ failure.

Drugs are addictive substances. It can leave you wanting more. If not taken in the right quantity, it could prove lethal.

Drugs can be used for recreational purposes. These include tobacco, alcohol and caffeine products.

My Opinion:

People get a wrong idea when someone utters drugs. They don't realise that drugs are used as life saving medicines in day to day life. Drugs shouldn't be misused. There should be a ban against all recreational drugs. There should be laws against improper use of drugs and whoever uses it for recreational purposes should be punished. People using drugs not only put themselves in trouble, but also other people. Children start using them at a very young age because of peer pressure. Because of their addiction to drugs, they start doing bad things including stealing from their parents somehow to get hold of it. Popular sportsmen take drugs to enhance their performance in their specific field. They bring disgrace to themselves and their country.


Drugs change people's lifestyle and the one around them. Drugs and the problem related to it should be taken seriously by everybody. There must be a drug awareness programme for everyone including children. Drugs should be used only for medicinal purposes.

Survey of the Class:

Do you think that taking drugs is legal?
The government says that, ‘most drugs are illegal’. Do you agree?
Should drug dealers get severe punishment?
Do you think drug awareness programme should be run everywhere?

Should smoking in public places be prohibited?


By Rajeshkumar Nagarajan 8R