Drugs; a Nuisance or not?
A drug is a chemical substance that when consumed by any living being, affects their state of body and mind. Take alcohol as an example, when people drink a lot of it, they become drunk; they are dizzy, they don’t know what they are doing or what’s going on and they do things that they would most likely not do when they are normal! There are many drugs around the world and some are bad, whereas some are of good use to us.
Against Drug Use In The UK.
Firstly I would like to say that when I talk about drugs I mean all types of atrocious drugs. Did you know that in 2006, more than 2.1 million teens abused prescription drugs? This is because the UK isn’t taking care when it comes to drugs; they don’t do anything about it.
Teenagers nowadays are becoming more and more careless as they keep destroying their own bodies. There are many drugs out there that are being sold on the black market and youngsters will take a risk just to get it! Look at this graph on the number of deaths in England and Wales 1993-2009.

In England and Wales, the total number of deaths related to drug poisoning (involving both legal and illegal drugs) increased each year from 1993 to a peak in 1999, and then gradually declined until 2006. Numbers then increased for two years but have since stabilised in 2009.

This trend is mostly explained by the changes in drug-related deaths among males, which accounted for 73 per cent of drug poisoning deaths in 2009. From 1996 onwards there have been at least twice as many deaths in males than in females.

The number of deaths related to drug poisoning was 2,098 for males in 2009, an increase of 1 per cent compared with 2008, and the highest number since 2001. The number of female deaths fell to 780 in 2009, a decrease of 9 per cent compared with 2008. There has been no discernable trend in female drug-related deaths over the last 17 years.
Did you that there were 880 deaths involving heroin or morphine in 2009, a 2 per cent drop compared with 2008. However, deaths involving heroin or morphine are still more than five times higher than levels seen in 1993. The number of deaths involving methadone increased from 378 in 2008 to 408 in 2009, an increase of 8 per cent. This continues the upward trend in deaths related to methadone-poisoning seen since 2002. In 2009 deaths involving cocaine fell for the first time since 2000 to 202. This was a 14 per cent decrease compared with 2008. There were 405 deaths involving antidepressants in 2009, an increase of 6 per cent compared with 2008, and the highest number since 2004.
Why would anybody want to kill themselves for absolutely no reason? Sure people get bullied and stuff but a majority of drug abusers just take it for fun, or they are addicted, or they just hate their lives! This is really heartbreaking for people as they see you just wasting your lives and giving up on life.
Well to be honest sure it’s their choice, but then if they want to do something that’s illegal, then why are they still in this country? Nobody wants people to think that their country is a bad place. Nobody wants people to give the country a bad reputation. So if they wish to take these disgusting and disgraceful drugs, go do it somewhere else!
Can you believe these statistics! It’s unbelievable that drugs can kill this many people and nobody cares. You know this could easily be stopped if the government even tried to help stop this.
This graph shows what my fellow pupils answered to my questions.
For Drug Use In The UK.
Some people believe drugs shouldn’t be banned because they feel that they need it very much and that it is their choice whether or not they want to use it. They wonder why people care about what they do and feel they need freedom in the country!
This country doesn’t have a right over us people, who gave them power to do all this? Most people take drugs because they feel abandoned, useless, bullied, or they can’t find any jobs to earn money and so on! There are many many reasons as to why they take these drugs, if you can’t stop bullying or recessions how do you expect to tackle a greater obstacle? Sort out other minor problems and maybe you’ll find less people using drugs.
Drugs actually make people feel better about themselves, most of the time they feel down and upset.