A drug is a chemical substance that affects your body and mind. There are many types of drugs around today – some are good and some are bad. There are many illegal drugs like cocaine but also legal drugs like paracetamol which relieve pain. There are good effects that drugs give you but however, there are many bad effects too. Drygs have gone under much scrutiny in the past decade, so what's so bad about them?

Arguments For

The main effects of drugs are that they help you get better from things like illnesses and diseases. Marijuana can even be used for cancer patients as it stops tumour growth in lung cancer and largely reduces the spread of the cancer. Also, things like paracetamol relieve pain which can cause a good effect. And they can also stop your current condition getting worse as things like asthma pumps can stop you from having an asthma attack or stop one while you’re having one. Things like antibiotics and vaccines help you get better and fight illnesses like chickenpox.

Arguments Against

However, there are numerous bad affects of drugs, both to your mind and body. Illnesses, diseases and death are just some of the things it can cause. It can change your behaviour and how you behave towards others, addiction and cause you to do different things that you wouldn’t normally do. It can cause people to argue more with others and act in a different way. For example, they may be very talkative or be very high and have lots of energy and be very jumpy. Addiction is big side effect too. It can makes you feel as if you need the drug and makes you dependant on that drugs. It can make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do like robbing someone just so you can get money to buy the drug. It can also damage your body functions e.g. when sniffing cocaine, it ruins the septum (part between the nostrils) and it can look very nasty. As it can go into your bloodstream, it can cause many health problems and can also cause mental things like paranoia. The effects can even be fatal.

Survey Results

I surveyed 30 people and asked them if they thought drugs were good and


There are upsides to drugs as they can help you get better and make your condition better however, there are also many downsides to the drug as it can cause addiction which can lead to breakdowns with the people around you and also lead to body problems like heart disease which can kill you. So, overall the downsides overrule the upsides.