1. Do violent video games make children violent ?

Video games are great and fun to play but does what you do on the game make you want to do it in real life ? For example if you were playing call of duty modern warfare 2 , would you after playing that game want to go outside and have a rampage and start killing everybody . Some scientist say that it makes people to do that others say it doesn't do any harm . What do you think? Not sure well ill just try and make your mind up . Never seen a violent video game before then look at this.

Argument for

Video games do cause children to be violent . Scientific reasearch at Indiana University School of Medicine show that kids who have played a violent video game scans show that they have an increase and gained emotional arousal , in addition to this they have a corresponding decrease and loss of activities in some parts of the brain such as : self-control, inhibition and attention.
This does not mean you will have an urge to go out on a rampage and start killing teacher and friens after playing call of duty .Vince Mathews a investigator on the study, hesitates to make that leap. But he says he does think that the study should encourage parents to look more closely at the types of games their kids are playing.

Argument against

Video games do not cause violence, however Video games do inspire people to the way they conduct violence, they teach people how to hurt other people in the most horrible ways, I am mostly talking about games like GTA , CALL OF DUTY ( 1 – 6 ) where the sole purpose of the game is to kill and molest . Without video games then how can people release they're anger and frustration out without hurting someone . In a video game you can kill , run over and even bomb people and not get into trouble . Would want to hurt a real innocent person or do whatever you want will a un-lived person who can come back alive without showing any signs of pain .in the International Journal of Liability and Scientific Enquiry, Patrick Kierkegaard of the University of Essex, England, suggests that there is scant scientific evidence that video games are anything but harmless and that they do not lead to real world aggression. And has concluded that there is no real solid proof of evidence apart from the judgements on other people and them posting in the media .
What do some people think ?




In my opinion i believe that violent video games doesnt cause children to be violent however it gives them imagination and eagerness to imitate that action . I believe it is good to play now and a then if you enjoy the game but not if is an addiction . If it is an addiction then lock it up for 6 months and then play once a day for an hour . People who thinks it does cause children are probably over reacting and probably dont enjoy these amazing type of games .

By Dillon Nanoo