Arguments For and Against the War in Afghanistan! 
The war in Afghanistan began on 7 October 2001 as the US and UK military forces joined together to respond to the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers, in the US. The UK has led its own operation called Operation Herrick, since 2002, as part of the same war. This war has been a violent struggle for both sides as the US and the UK want to destroy Al-Qaeda and Taliban and Taliban and Al-Qaeda want to destroy the UK and the US. But over the 9 years, tens of thousands people have been killed in this battle, and most of them are civilians.

Reasons against the War in Afghanistan:

  • Too much money is being wasted in the war when we could use it for something important like helping poor people in the world or trying to save money because there is a big recession going on and everyone should try saving money.
  • Bombing the Taliban will just make them angrier and they might lead more suicide attacks against the Americans. This means the American economy will fall, with their major bank HQs being attacked. It might take years for their economy to be rebuilt.
  • The innocent people in Afghanistan are being terrorized by the bombings and many are dying because of being caught in crossfire.
  • For over 30 years, Afghanistan has been in wars one after another and the over the past 30 years, the death rate has risen way over 30 million.
  • Women in Afghanistan are worse off now than they were, before the invasion. In 2007 it was estimated that over 500 women burned themselves to death, so that they wouldn’t have to endure forced marriages, slavery or sexual and other abuse. If these figures are true, Afghanistan is the world leader in female suicide rates. This is because the women of Afghanistan are being made to have sex so the Taliban and Al -Qaeda have more soldiers to fight for them.
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Reasons for the War in Afghanistan:

  • The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are 2 very dangerous terrorist groups that need to be taught a lesson and we will have to make a few sacrifices if we have to. This war is very serious and delicate and needs to be handled carefully and with thought.
  • This war is giving Afghan girls and women a chance to have an education, something that they never, ever got before. Now, over 2.5 million girls and women attend schools so that they can get an education as well. Now, combined with educated boys as well, we now have a country that can grow up and intellectually control their own destinies.
  • Over 5 years, Afghanistan has shown a very dramatic increase in trades. Now, Afghanistan’s imports have risen by more than 5 percent and exports have risen by over 12 percent.
  • Geologists have recently announced trillions of dollars worth of gold cobalt, lithium and copper. The US thinks that this is a great opportunity to give power to the good guys in Afghanistan.

What I think about this issue:

I think that the war should not go on because even though Afghanistan is progressing somewhat a lot, the number of innocent lives lost are just way too high. I think it is okay to strike back if you have a good chance of striking back and not just shooting rockets randomly. Or wasting bullets on targets you cannot hit. This isn't target practice. This is the real thing and if we are not patient and strike on the perfect moment, we will lose this war.

What do others think:

This is a graph showing what people think about the questions I set to them.


The Questions were:

1) Should the war in Afghanistan be allowed?

2) Should the UK government just try and make friends with the terrorists?

3)Do you think that the US and the UK should just bomb Afghanistan to smithereens?

4)Should the Taliban surrender?

5)Should the UK and the US just forget this war?


In conclusion, I think that the war shouldn't be banned, although a lot of families will disagree. But I think that we should have patience and strike when the terrorists are more vulnerable. We should also conserve our supplies so when we have a chance, we can actually strike with as much artillery as we can. If we wait, we can thrash these organizations to pieces.