Should illegal drugs be legal?
Many drugs for years have been questioned if they should be legal or not. In fact 66% of drugs are known as illegal, knowing the rest of it is legal due to good health intentions. However most drugs are banned mainly because they are bad for the human being, mentally and physically. This report will conclude if illegal drugs should be legal.
Arguments for the issue.
Drugs are sometimes used to draw attention (popularity) for example if a group of boys who are really popular take it, it addicts people with a less popularity rate to take it, having in mind that they may be popular one day. Also some people take it just for the pleasure of it that, is how most drugs are addicted. However some people assume that because some athletes take drugs it is ok for them to take it as well. Expanding on that point, athletes take it because they are pressurized and are pointed towards drugs. This is also known as peer- pressure it is when people around you force you to do something however you are not sure about it and you are pressurized to make a choice.
Arguments against the issue.
The main reason why illegal drugs are banned because of what they do to humans for example steroids make them feel strong but the next day they will feel drowsy and tedious. There are lots of diseases which can be caused by illegal drugs, they also affect the heart, brain and other important organs. The cost of drugs are very expensive that is how it affects Britain's economy which they simply can't afford. Also they affect the human mentally which means they will sometimes feel aggressive, drunk etc. It also makes life much harder for the police men and women because they will have to sort out crimes involving drugs, another job will be tracking down people with illegal drugs . They also kill thousands every single year.
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I had asked 4 people these five questions:
1) Should illegal drugs be legal?
2) Do you know anyone who takes drugs?
3) Do you think legal drugs be banned?
4) Do you think athletes should support drugs?
5) Do you think drugs are cool?

Here are the results:

My point of view
The question was “Should illegal drugs be legal?” Well personally I will answer that with a big fat no. The reason being that they are a death threat to every human being alive. They reduce your life span by 30 years. They hurt people mentally and physically. They make everyone’s life much harder which I don’t want. So my final answer is no.


This issue has to end sometime and it has end by saying illegal drugs should not be legal. This conclusion had been chosen by not only me but several others. This shows that many people like to contradict drugs and try to get on with life. DRUGS.pptx