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Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty is the definition of violence or harm inflicted on an animal other than a human, for no explicit reason (not for self-defence, or by accident.) Animal cruelty is seen as wrong by some people, and not by others.
Some facts are:
· 75% of violent offenders have committed acts of animal cruelty.
· 60million people in U.S.A have one or more pets.
· 60% of women who have been abused in their own homes have had their pets killed.
· 3.5 billion Animals that have fur are killed each year by hunters and trappers in the United States of America.
· 2.7million animals are harvested in fur farms.
· $5 billion is spent on animal testing every year coming out of Tax.
· 70million animals are killed in U.S laboratories each year.
· 10billion animals are killed each year for us to eat.

Against animal cruelty

Many people are against animal cruelty. They believe that animals are just like humans, that they have feelings, they think independently and we should treat them how we would like to be treated. They campaign against it, and try to stop using animals as food, entertainment and clothing. People form groups and unite to stop animal cruelty. Some organizations are: FAACE: FIGHT AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY in EUROPE. Another one is the RSPCA: The royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, a British based organization that spends all year helping and taking in abandoned animals and other animals that are being badly treated. They are a charity that uses money that we donate to them to help the animals, and there motto is “Help us Help them.” Kentucky Fried Cruelty is a large American based charity that focuses on the fast food store KFC. Along with help of Pamela Anderson, a rich model and actress, campaign to stop the terrors the chickens go through during their short lives in which they are brutally treated and killed. Over 1 billion living chickens are thrown into dumpsters alive each year, because they are seen not worthy. Approximately 23.383 million chickens are killed each day in the U.S.A for consumption purposes. If this happened with humans, we would be wiped out in less than a year, because over 8,534795000 chickens are killed each year approximately.

This is a chart which asks questions on the topic of animal cruelty, and the numbers is an average on an amount of people who answered the question.

For animal cruelty

Some people in the world today say that animals are stupid. They don’t have feelings and as we are of higher intelligence than them it is ok for us to do anything we want to them. They believe that animals are for food and are going to die anyway so we might as well make them suffer for being of lower intelligence than us humans. Most people frown upon this and say we either should only use them for consumption purposes and treat them fairly, or not eat them at all and not interfere with their lives unless it is necessary, e.g. they are extremely aggressive or they need help.
Many people donate every year to certain charitys to stop animal cruelty (No, I am not an Advertiser for any of the above listed charities!) and it is a good way to help animals.
If you do want to donate, here are some links for some animal cruelty related charitys. www.faace.co.uk,
The official RSPCA website. At the top of this web page is a link to Kentucky fried cruelty. If you don't, then check them out anyway.

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