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This report on animal testing where you will find out some information you don’t know and some things you might already know.
You will find out loads of things in this report such as against this issue, for this issue, a survey, what I think and a conclusion. You also might make your decision on whether it should be used or not. So let’s start with for this issue…
For Animal Testing
Lots of people like testing on animals. They do this for there own benefit (they use animals to test on, to help them). This is very selfish. Some of them might not even want to do this, but they have to because they need to earn money for food and so on…
They do this because they want to find out new drugs (this also adds on if drugs should even be legal). They want to try and make better ones such as put more addictiveness inside it to make more people want to buy the drugs so they earn lots of money.

Against Animal Testing
Loads of people think animal testing should be bad. They put loads of chemicals and drugs inside these poor creatures. The population of animals is decreasing a lot not only by animal testing but by global warming, hunting, eating, zoos and much more…
If you can recognize all these things have been done by us! These chemicals affect animals mentally and physically they change in attitude and they also loose many body parts. I don’t see much harm done to us humans, so why can’t we test it on humans, what’s the difference.

A Survey

I asked five closed questions on animal testing to a few people and this was the answers plotted on this grap

What I think Animal_Testing_Dhruv_8P.JPG

I agree with against this issue, because it’s not fair on animals and they are magnificent creatures they don’t disserve to be in this state. We should help the animals not destroy the animals.

Animal testing is wrong it should be banned; it is causing lots of chaos. Hundreds of animals die every year. Soon the animals will be wiped out just the way dinosaurs did. This is what I think so you don’t have to agree with me.

A Conclusion
This is the last of the lot; this is just a summarization of the report. In this report there is not only my thought but others as well.
Some people think that animals should be used to test on but some disagree that’s there opinion. To finish of what you think circle, animal testing should/shouldn’t be banned.

By Dhruv Solanki 8P