Is animal testing right or wrong? There are many reasons for both sides of the argument. This report will show both side of the argument. Animal testing is a big subject to argue about. Some people agree that it should be banned while some say that it shouldn’t be banned. British law says that any new drug used for medicine, must be tested on at least two different types of live mammal. One of these must be a large non-rodent type animal. Is this right? There are lots of arguments for and against animal testing. Some say it is cruel for the animals involved while others say that it's necessary to do these tests to help find cures for diseases.

One point is that it is cruel to the animals. How would you like being caged against your will and having horrible stuff injected in to you? Not knowing if the next drug could kill you or cause you severe harm. How would you like being stuck in a lab with no freedom and living to be tested?

However some people disagree. They say that it is crucial for us to get this information and that it is going to save many lives. They also say what is one life compared to millions? Every day, thousands of people are saved from painful diseases and death by powerful medical drugs and treatments. This incredible gift of medicine would not be possible without animal testing.

Those against the use of animal testing claim that it is inhumane to use animals in experiments. I disagree completely. It would be much more inhumane to test new drugs on children or adults. Even if it were possible, it would also take much longer to see potential effects, because of the length of time we live compared to laboratory animals such as rats or rabbits.

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Of course, some animal research has provided breakthroughs in medical science. But these breakthroughs might have also come about through non-animal experimentation if they had been equally well funded. There is also a problem with information gleaned from animals in labs. What applies to mice, dogs, monkeys or rabbits may not necessarily apply to humans.

However some people say that you shouldn’t do animal testing because animal testing can be misleading. An animal's response to a drug can be different to a human’s. Animals have as much right to life as human beings.

The following questions on the graph are:

Do you think animal testing right?
Do you think animals have rights?

Are people cruel to animals during testing?

Is animal testing cruel?
Do you think animal testing is necessary?
I personally believe that we need to do animal testing but we do it too much. I think it should be carefully controlled and not used on lots of different species and not used much.